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the lemming

I thought JAM was THE authority on everything worth knowing about in the KC scene. Because everything in this town begins and ends with Angela Hagenbach and the folks at the Folly.


Cute. Instead of denigrating JAM - why not join KCJA and contribute to JAM? A non-profit org dedicated to promoting kc jazz is a good thing IMO.

Russell Thorpe

Its too bad I have to pay rent and bills every month, and feed myself, oh and find time to practice and write fresh music (what a selfish thing to do). If I could somehow manage all that and still have money left over at the end of the month then I would love to help out JAM and KCJA. Would they reciprocate?

So I guess its too bad I want to be relevant to my peers, and not people who wish we were still in the 1930s. In the end though, your opinion matters to me only as much as I let it. So if you want to support KC Jazz, come out to our show on Friday and see what the Black House Improviser's Collective has to offer.

If you dont like it oh well, at least you didn't have to pay for it, and I can still be grateful to Charlotte Street for THEIR support in allowing me to grow as a musician without the stress of trying to be commercially viable, which is the downfall of so many talented musicians and composers. Gots to sell the booze and food or you wont get invited back.

Black House Collective

Yikes. Well I certainly think that any musician that wants to make a living needs to grapple with the commercial interests that pay for everything. And it's certainly not unreasonable for a club owner to need performers to attract customers. BHIC is not a money making organization, it's a tool for musicians, so it's not really fair to compare it with the realities of the marketplace. I would actually argue that if someone wanted to really support KC jazz they're better off going to Jardine's or the Blue Room because BHIC is set up so that it does not depend on any audience whatsoever. It's for the musicians.

It was probably a little unfair to only pick on JAM. Most every single outlet of jazz media (Downbeat, Jazztimes, is guilty of the same. And yes a non profit organization that promotes Kansas City jazz is a good thing. But a publication that tells me that everything jazz in Kansas City is good, doesn't have much credibility to me as a consumer.

Russell Thorpe

Point taken

Maybe it is unfair to compare BHIC with working musicians. But aren't we trying to support KC jazz by encouraging people to work together who normally wouldn't, encouraging them to take those risks they normally wouldn't?

I understand the need for club owners to make a living, especially after my recent adventures at the Czar Bar (where by the way I was treated with a wonderful amount of respect), but its freaking hard to be your own publicist, arranger, booking agent, composer, and player.

So its my own failings as a player and person and ego that prompted the rant. I can't play standards but I can hear dom7s and dim7s and whole tone scales just fine, its a trade off I wish I had the time to fix.

You have made me extremely spoiled with BHIC, so perhaps the brattiness comes from the luxury of not having to worry about attracting an audience like you said.

And again, if i could afford to I would love to support KCJA. But then again, if i had the money I'd like to take weekly lessons with Otto and Aladeen. Dont we all want to eat our cake?

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