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MIguel Zenon kills. but wow.. Alexander technique anyone?


*My only concern is that they tend to end up bitter. I once had a talk with Marcus Strickland where he lamented about how sad it was for him to finally meet and play with so many of his heroes and find that they were angry and bitter*

So true... your above quote speaks to similar personal experiences I encountered more often than not among cats on the greater "jazz" scene once I got out of the military bands after twenty + years... most of the hero stuff is hype, regardless of how good the player is... cats we think are cool today, were likely not cool during their times... keep growing BHIC, good things are happening on our scene because of it... I will try to be back for at least the Spring session, if that is cool...

Peace, Cb


Cb, you are always welcome!!!


Now that's some sweet ass jazz !!!!! Gotta love horace silver !


a wonderful piece of music right here


man that jazz is so sick !!! I'd listen to it all day !

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